Busy Spectator …

The Spectator is quite busy is pass two month , it’s all about busy on “line” stuff . I’m still a Spectator because I only watch what people do & I can’t do anything . In the pass month (September) , there’s few special things happens upon my life , even my sleeping dream is changed just because of those !

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The Spectator is back

After being invisible for over a month , I’m back . Although there’s already near to the end of August , my life still being the same , being a Spectator …

… But I’m happy , I’m happy on being a Spectator because I just pay the ticket & sit down watching everything happens .

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New vs Old

The spectator is back again , this time is about New and Old . What’s New and Old ? It’s my Personal Computer . I won’t describe their whole history here but I’ll just said their different . The new PC is whole black , but the hardware is bit older than my whole white old PC . Beside’s that , the new PC have older software as well , compare with my old PC . But , the old Win XP SP2 in new PC make better stability compare with new Win7 Ultimate in old PC .

I don’t know if the problem is cause by software problem (which my friend guess that’s one of the fact) , my old PC just always hang or jam when I using Adobe Photoshop CS3 or Window Media Player or even Mozilla Firefox . After few weeks later , it’s only happens when I using Photoshop .

Still , I’m doing something that people called useless , outline for one of my favorite online game , vDream Racing .

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Simulator vs Arcade

I was mention I’m very often on simulator game like Gran Turismo and rFactor , but the first racing game that I touch was Arcade , the Daytona USA . Before Gran Turismo released , there’s no other game can have as simulator as Gran Turismo . But now , the Gran Turismo is just half simulator while the real simulator is like rFactor and GTR .

Need For Speed’s Pro Street and SHIFT is my favorite Need For Speed due to there’s full of Tuner , Exotic and Muscle to customize (although some of them is Pre-Tuned or too great for tuning) . I’m also a player from other Need For Speed but didn’t like them much due to Cops (except Underground 2) .

After playing quite a while on Simulator game , I’m now unable to make myself to fit into the arcade online racing game because they just full of ramming and blocking , also traffic . Need For Speed World Online BETA is my latest racing game in my PC , but Need For Speed World Team said you only can keep your BETA account once you paid USD 19.99 .

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Real World vs Simulator

Real World , is always different from simulator . It might be only tiny different , It always might be huge different . Although I’m way older than 17 years old , I haven’t seriously get my real life driving license , it’s very different from my simulator career . But there’s something have zero different between my real life and simulator , I like car very much .

rFactor , is my best simulator game to learn about driving perfectly . The IS-F teach me how to drift (sort of) , the R15 TDi teach me how to be gentlemen to the throttle , the Furai teach me not always taken short of corner , the Impreza WRX STi teach me how to drive on dirt etc etc.

Although I have quite some experience on simulator (and some other “games” , but my real life on road experience is just zero .

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Sleep vs Concentrate

In pass weeks , I’ve very bad and less amount of sleep . I can’t even sleep well at night and always woke myself up at late night , that cause I’ve very bad of concentration and also have a bad temper in last weeks .

I just hope unhappy things won’t happens again like last year and pass . I’ve hard working to control myself but I realize I’ve been change to even worst than original , which is fail to change myself from wrong to right .

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Life is short …

Life is short , you can’t expect when is your end . Although I’ve only stand on this Earth for 18 years , I’ve found that some human’s life is quite thin and short . I’ve saw so much young people reach their end , even one of my friend . Honestly , I really don’t know where’s my end and either yours , I just hope I can done everything that I want and done everything good to the others .

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No direction

Don’t know since when , I’ve lost my direction . I’m seriously no way to building my future , I’m even have problem to passing my current day . Everything in this world seems doesn’t build for me , everyday I require extra luck to live better .

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Like and dislike

I like plain and simple things , that’s the reason most of my things is in Black or White . And , that’s why my car always in White . Black or the other dark color is what I like , but for a car , I like White even more than Black . Model car , is what I like to collect , I don’t like people said those Model car is a toys . But , sometime there’s something I can’t control and need to force myself to like them . That’s bad but no other way to go .

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RDS changed ?

There’s a question for myself , did I changed ? I’ve been stop for education since 14th of December on 2009 until now , there’s almost half year without touching anything about education . My brain also start to rust and failed to thinking . If anyone realize that , my typing style had been changed on this few days . That kind of typing style always remind me of my pass , so I decided to abandon that typing style and go back to the pass , typing normally .

P.S… That typing only special for somebody , but I make it universal to any of my friend .

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