New vs Old

The spectator is back again , this time is about New and Old . What’s New and Old ? It’s my Personal Computer . I won’t describe their whole history here but I’ll just said their different . The new PC is whole black , but the hardware is bit older than my whole white old PC . Beside’s that , the new PC have older software as well , compare with my old PC . But , the old Win XP SP2 in new PC make better stability compare with new Win7 Ultimate in old PC .

I don’t know if the problem is cause by software problem (which my friend guess that’s one of the fact) , my old PC just always hang or jam when I using Adobe Photoshop CS3 or Window Media Player or even Mozilla Firefox . After few weeks later , it’s only happens when I using Photoshop .

Still , I’m doing something that people called useless , outline for one of my favorite online game , vDream Racing .


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