Simulator vs Arcade

I was mention I’m very often on simulator game like Gran Turismo and rFactor , but the first racing game that I touch was Arcade , the Daytona USA . Before Gran Turismo released , there’s no other game can have as simulator as Gran Turismo . But now , the Gran Turismo is just half simulator while the real simulator is like rFactor and GTR .

Need For Speed’s Pro Street and SHIFT is my favorite Need For Speed due to there’s full of Tuner , Exotic and Muscle to customize (although some of them is Pre-Tuned or too great for tuning) . I’m also a player from other Need For Speed but didn’t like them much due to Cops (except Underground 2) .

After playing quite a while on Simulator game , I’m now unable to make myself to fit into the arcade online racing game because they just full of ramming and blocking , also traffic . Need For Speed World Online BETA is my latest racing game in my PC , but Need For Speed World Team said you only can keep your BETA account once you paid USD 19.99 .


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